Casgrain Residence

The owners of a five-plex in the Villeray district, felt a little cramped in their accommodation on the ground floor. To enlarge their living space, they recuperated one of the second floor apartments. The spaces were very compartmentalized and poorly lit, customers wanted a new open layout, with a generous amount of natural light.

Now, a large open loft is spread on the ground floor, connected directly to the second level with a spectacular double height opening. A new vertical window merges light deep into the interior space.

Upstairs, a glass containing the shower cube is the pivot point of the space. It allows to visually link the master bedroom to the bathroom while separating them. Above the bath, a large swivel panel opens on the double-height space bringing natural light and exterior views. The different sets of mirrors, glass and translucent polycarbonate panels tenfold space into a thousand reflections


Single family house


Renovation and Extension


Montreal, QC