Saint Raymond

Located west of Quebec City, near Jacques Cartier National Park, the client wanted a refuge to enjoy the winter.

In order to take advantage of the extensive landscape provided by its open grounds with an exceptional distant view, the chalet opens generously towards the great depth of the 6 acre (25,000 m²) grounds, while at the same time providing the living spaces.
In St Raymond, the architecture of the chalet is in line with the typology of the existing agricultural plain buildings, whose double-sloped roofing and typology are reminiscent of barns and vernacular farms often come in shades of grey.

We take advantage of the high ceiling height offered by the 2-sided roof to install a guest room in the mezzanine. Compactness and simplicity are the founding principles of this small chalet with 816 square feet of footprint.

Its two-sided crawling roof allows to enlarge the volume of this archetype, dedicated to contemplation.


Countryside house


New construction


Saint-Raymond, Qc


Built spring 2019


816 p2 + mezz