Outremont Dental Clinic

The project consists of the transformation of a small commercial building located on Van Horne Avenue in Outremont. The clients, both dentists, wanted to create their ideal dental clinic there.

Their request was to create a bi-generational clinic by incorporating a dental service for children on the first floor and for adults on the second floor. In addition to these consultation areas, the clients wanted to create a large employee area in the basement.


The main challenge of this project was to bring light through this dense program. The concept was to organize the space around a light gap crossing the building from the roof to the first floor. Around it gravitate the circulation spaces serving the consultation rooms.


The choice of materials gives the visitor a feeling of space amplified, pure and elegant. Anodized aluminum, satin-finish mirrors and sandblasted glass make up a palette of materials playing on transparencies and reflections. In contrast, the integrated furniture is adorned with black-stained oak and rough stone.


Dental Clinic




Outremont, QC