Memoria Jean-Talon

Funeral homes used to be dark and confined behind opaque facades. Alfred Dallaire MEMORIA completely renovated their building to offer luminous and peaceful environment for the mourning of the deceased.

The inside spaces become adaptable and multifunctional environments, integrating projection screens, convertible furniture and coffee bars. The laboratory and showrooms are located in the basement while the funeral parlors are on the ground floor. Reception rooms and a small chapel are found on the second floor.

The existing building went through an extensive renovation. The 3 facades had to be taken down and completely redone. The structure was reinforced to meet earthquake regulation and the walls re-insulated. The main entrance and elevator shaft were relocated.


Mortuary complex


Complete renovation


1120 Jean-Talon E, Montreal, QC


15 000 sqft

Completion Date



Jacques Bilodeau