Mylène B

Mylène B’s creations are distinguished by their clean lines that highlight the silhouette of the female body.This simple and minimalist approach is reflected in the design of the new boutique situated on Boulevard St-Laurent in the heart of Montreal’s Mile-End district.

To minimize costs, the client wanted a design that was simple enough that she could build it herself. In order to maximize the impact of the space and stay within the limited budget, the strategy was to use one primary material: fiber-cement panels. This affordable and expressive material harmonizes with the creations of the designer. Once delivered on site, the client was able to manipulate and assemble the material using very simple but uncommon techniques. For example, large paperclip were used to join folded pieces of hot rolled steel and fiber-cement shelves to create the central display. This creates a very versatile and flexible display that can adapt to new seasonal collections as it can be reconfigured without the use of any tools. The overall design creates an intimate space that is modest and simple yet refined.

The simplicity of its execution is a tribute to the DIY spirit, focusing on the vivacity of the ideas rather then and exuberance of resources and techniques.


Clothing Store


Interior design


5259 St-Laurent, Montreal

Completion Date


Photo credit

Adrien Williams

Jury's Prize 2015

Commerce Design Montreal