Sandy Point

The mandate for the project in Sandy Point was to create a development of twenty houses on the shores of Lake Porters near Halifax in Nova Scotia.


The “townhouse” typology was chosen early in the design process in order to develop the full potential of the site. The project is composed of three standard units: a one-bedroom house of 115 square meters, another two-bedroom house, and a third three-bedroom house of 214 square meters each. Each dwelling has its own garage as well as a private entrance, a spacious kitchen and largely glazed living spaces opening onto a private terrace and a garden on the lake side.


The adopted configuration of the row houses was an opportunity to create a dialogue and a rhythm between each of the 20 dwellings. In addition, the vernacular architecture of the Canadian east coast inspired the use of angled roofs all linked to each other by a flat garage block. A rhythm is created at every five units where covered portals leading to the lake acts as a linking component for the entire composition. As a result the fluctuation in heights of the dwellings and the variety of roof slopes is reminiscent of the fishermen’s houses found throughout Nova Scotia.


The materiality for the exterior veneer is rather is sober, graying cedar with silver reflections to blend in with the luxurious surrounding vegetation. Series of wooden slats create a rhythm on the facades, while the volumes of the garages are coated with a beige acrylic in order to formally distinguish themselves from the single-pitch wooden volumes.


The essence of the project is partly brought forward through the integration of the covered passages, which become meeting places for this new community. Like an urban alley, residents can meet under these 4 protected areas to interact and forge links. The project therefore provides residents with a new home in a tranquil and natural environment on shores of a bucolic lake.




New development


Sandy Point, Halifax, NS


In progress