La Radieuse

Located in the heart of the Plateau Mont-Royal, near Sir Wilfred-Laurier Park, the project consists in the expansion and of the complete renovation of the semi-detached single-family house.


The project translates the intention of the family to create a real « family cocoon », where the functional and hearty space is open to the outside, giving rise to a diffuse natural light in all the common rooms.

Thus, the ambition of the project is to bring conviviality, warmth, light but also a playful touch to this young family house.


In this way, the brick added to the double-height space allows to make the link between the two main rooms of the house, the dining room and the den up above, while marking the importance of the latter; places where the family gathers.


A central staircase with white painted steel stringers and maple steps connects all 3 floors together. Coupled with the double-height and its glazed openings on the different rooms of the house, it becomes a truly playful and dynamic space for the family.


Indeed, the house is organized on three distinct levels; the ground floor with the living spaces, the second floor level for the children as well as the mezzanine, which constitutes the vertical extension of the house, reserved for the parents.


On the garden side, the brightly yellow painted facade visible from the green alley is at the image of the family: dynamic and colourful. Moreover, the interior of the house is punctuated with touches of this same tonality. Also, the overhang of the second level dramatizes the architectural and formal expression of the back facade. The latter allows, on the one hand, to protect the terrace and on the other to create a depth through a play of offsets between the adjoining facades not negligible for the privacy of its residents.


Single Family House


Complete renovation


Montréal (Plateau-Mont-Royal), QC



Photo Credit

Ronan Mézière